Club Lessons

If you wish to train, please arrive at the club around 6.30pm for adult lessons and 5.45pm for childrens lessons where someone will be able to show you around and help you before the lesson begins. Please bring with you tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt - preferably black - and trainers that you do not wear on the street i.e. clean. Lessons are priced at 3.50 for adults and 2.50 for children. The child lessons are for children aged between 7 and 14. The entrance to the club is situated about a quarter of the way up the street, under the 'Hung Gar Kung Fu' sign.

We recommend that you train for at least 2 weeks before purchasing any kit, as each lesson is different and you need to experience them all before you consider joining as this style of martial art may not be to your liking.

In our opinion it is not advisable to come and watch a lesson, when you will gain a better perspective by training in one. We have noticed in the past that people who watch rarely return to train as they consider themselves unable to do what Sifu requires of them, whereas people who train straight away usually stay as they find that, although the lesson is hard, they are able to do what is required.